At KEVMAR AUSTRALIA we cover a full range of Electrical Services to suit your needs, from replacing a Single Socket Outlet to the complete wiring & fit-out installation of a new home or work place. No job is too small. We treat every job with the same level of integrity.


From High voltage switch points to low voltage remote sensors, our professional manner will have you up and running in no time at all.

From kitchens, bathrooms or laundries, we have the know how to spruce up your area and make life a breeze.

Stoves, cook tops, range hoods, we fit your product or supply at request.

Hot water is a must, from a new element to a new system, don’t get caught out with a cold shower, Storage tanks or Heat pump systems.

From this green box, or where your aerial cables enter your house, are your responsibility. We can detect faults, replace cables, and get the power back to your property.

Need a new switch? or just can’t reset an old one? New meter tariffs can save you money, safety switches save lives, and we are the people to serve your needs.


Upgrades, replacements or modifications to industrial gear.

External lighting, security and safety is a must have for you staff, customers and property. We can set lights on timers, sensors or a wide range of other methods depending on your needs.

Emergency lighting is required by law, need to be tested and maintained. And installed to the correct specifications.

Are your staff and customers safe in the event of fire or smoke hazards? Are your exit signs needing repair, changed access paths or new installations are required to have safe exit points highlighted buy emergency lighting.